Discovering the Pittsburgh Comedy Scene…in Reaction GIFs

In recent years, the Pittsburgh comedy scene has blossomed into a dynamic, positive community of performers, students, teachers and fans. Thanks to the hard work, dedication and general hilarity of so many Yinzers, comedy in our fair city today is about more than just a Saturday night ticket to see a nationally-renowned act at the Improv.

Anyone who has taken a class at one of Pittsburgh’s comedy training centers, performed stand-up at an open mic night or attended one of our local improv jams knows that it’s about the people. (And the jokes, maybe a little bit.)

But don’t take my word for it. Here at PCF, we feel that the story of Pittsburgh comedy is best told through the Internet’s favorite image format: the animated GIF.

Here are 12 reaction GIFs that describe the awesomeness that is Pittsburgh comedy.

1. When you sign up for your first class and realize how NICE everyone is. 








2. And you realize most “comedians” are just regular people.


3. At first, you don’t think you can balance comedy and your other responsibilities. But turns out…

giphy (1)

4. When you encourage a friend to start doing comedy.

giphy (2)

 5. When you finally admit to yourself that you are actually REALLY funny.

giphy (3)

6. You get off stage after your very first show.

giphy (3)

7. And an audience member approaches you to say you killed it.

giphy (3)

8. When you realize you’re addicted to comedy and might have a problem.












9. Then, of course, your inevitable pun phase begins.

giphy (6)








10. When a friend or coworker asks when they can see you perform. 










11. You realize how much awesome footage of local comedy is available online.









12. And when you use your recorded shows to submit your application to perform at PCF…and it gets accepted.

giphy (8)

To submit your improv, stand-up or workshop application to PCF 2016, click here.

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