PGH is #Familomedy

If you came to the festival last year, you may remember sold-out shows, lines around the block, and the excitement of having Aubrey Plaza in our fair city! This year, despite having equally talented headliners (Quincy Jones + Sheldon if you haven’t heard!!), we’re approaching festival-week with a slightly different agenda. Dun-da-da-duuuuuuunnn:


FA-mil-`OM-edy: noun. A family system found in a burgeoning comedy community that pushes its members to be their best selves & do their best work.

This is year three of the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival, and we’re looking not only to get the word out about the Pittsburgh comedy scene, but also to embrace the camaraderie we have here and the people who pour their love and creativity into this community every day. From new improv students to veteran improvisers and standups, open mic/improv jam hosts to class teachers & team coaches- you are the ones giving us a comedy scene to be proud of!

But we’re not just celebrating our local improvisers and standups- this festival is about the whole fam damilomedy! Out-of-towners visiting the ‘Burgh for PCF, we want you to feel connected here too! Indigenous Pittsburghers who love/support local comedy in a non-participatory capacity- there’s something for you too.

To this end, we are vamping up our workshop offerings to include both performer-centered workshops, and community-focused workshops that allow comedy to transcend the stage and speak into our daily lives. We’ll also be offering more networking opportunities throughout the festival for locals, visitors and everyone in between to socialize and get to know each other a little better.

For everyone in this beautiful city who’s ever said “I have a crazy idea for a show!” or “Sure- I’ll coach your practice group.” or “Yes! Please go ahead and practice in my basement/ frame shop/ living room” THANK YOU! We hope you’ll come out and enjoy the festival this year; not just for the awesome shows (Quincy and Sheldon, guys… it’s gonna be AWESOME!!), but also for the opportunities to celebrate the amazing connective power of comedy.

There are some amazing familomedy members in this town & abroad, and we think it’s high time to celebrate that!

Yes, #PghisFunny & #PghisFamilomedy
We’ll see you at the festival! Here’s the schedule if you haven’t seen it yet!

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