The LAUGHTER Games: Local Comedians to Compete for Final PCF 2016 Stand-Up Slot 1

The 2016 Pittsburgh Comedy Festival (held August 25-28, 2016) is looking for ONE MORE STAND UP COMEDIAN for the festival! A slot has been reserved for a Pittsburgh comedian that may have missed the submission deadline, wants another shot, or is an unknown talent hiding in the shadows!

The winner of the competition will receive a performance slot at the festival along with a performer’s pass for the entire weekend of shows, including our headliners: Quincy Jones and Sheldon with Rob Belushi and Tim Stoltenberg. Interested? Read on!

Dates & times:
Round 1: July 28th & August 4th, 8pm at the Arcade Comedy Theater
Round 2: 10 Semifinalist Comedians from the previous 2 shows: Thursday, August 11th, 10pm at the Arcade Comedy Theater

July 28th contestants are:

Ossia Dwyer
Amanda Averell
Zach Markel
Jesse Irvin
Iain Oldman
Vince Didiano
Tom Harnett
Brandon Johnson
Brianna Jackson
William Ness
Ian Insect
Jason Clark
Ian McIntosh
Phillip Forence
Paul Johnson

August 4th contestants are:

Senneca Stone
Garret Titlebaum
Allan Lee
Alex Homyak
Brandon Schell
Isaac Crow
Jaye Cooper
Ronald Renwick
Blair Parker
Jonathan Krsul
Sam Leonard
Joe Marchi
Lorenzo Disilvio
Joe Esch
Stoph Edison

Tickets are available NOW at

The competition will take place in two rounds. The first round will consist of a maximum of 15 performers for each of the two first round shows. Each performer for the first round will have a 5 minute slot. The order will be chosen at random prior to the start of show. The winners will be announced at the end of each show.

The top 10 comedians based on scores from the first round will be invited to perform in the final round on August 11th . Each performer will be given a 8 minute slot. The order will be determined randomly, just like the previous semifinal rounds.
The comic with the highest score at the end of the final round will be declared the winner of the competition.

– Judging will consist of 3 jury members and one audience vote.
– The jury will evaluate comics based on originality, performance, and stage presence.
– The jury will not be announced until the night of the competition.
– Audience members will be able to vote for their top 3 favorite comics via ballot and have a bearing on the outcome

For more info on the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival and festival tickets:

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