Why YOU Belong at the 2016 Pittsburgh Comedy Festival

Hey! You! Yes, you!

You like to laugh, right? Of course you do!

If you’re not sure if you like to laugh, please take the Official PCF 2016 Laughter Affinity Diagnostic Test

(That was just a link to our schedule with ticketing info! See what we did there?)

If you like it when your face goes ha-ha, chances are there’s something for you at PCF 2016. Whether you’re a casual comedy fan, a connoisseur of the arts, a parent with young children or an evil demon whose sole purpose is to devour the souls of the innocent, we’ve got a show or a workshop for you!

Here are some of the many reasons to get your laugh-loving tushie to Oakland’s Henry Heymann Theatre this weekend for the third annual Pittsburgh Comedy Festival.

Stand-Up Headliner, Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones (no, not that Quincy Jones) is a hilarious stand-up comic originally from Seattle, now living in Los Angeles! Watch him do his thing on CONAN! Then, go see him Thursday or Friday night!

You Want to Learn Comedy (Yes, Even You!)

You’re funny, whether you like it or not. But nobody will ever know it unless you try it! PCF is proud to offer eight comedy workshops this weekend, to help you be funny on stage or in your everyday life!

No performing experience whatsoever? We’ve got workshops for that, with super supportive instructors from Pittsburgh and beyond!

A little tight on cash? Some of our workshops (and shows)are Pay-What-You Can!

Want to make funnies with your family members, including those with special needs? PCF is your new BFF.

Visit our Workshops page for complete info.


Improv Headliner, Sheldon

Sheldon is a hilarious improv duo from Chicago, comprised of Rob Belushi and Tim Stoltenberg. We’d try to give you an idea what their shows on Friday or Saturday will be like, but they’re making it all up on the spot, so they don’t even know! Mystery!


Comfy Seats for Your Butt

I mean, seriously. Look at that velvety, red goodness.


Does This Hold Up? Podcast…Live!

Old movies! Some of them used to be good, but now they seem kind of dumb. Others used to be bad, but now they seem kind of funny! Others were never good and never will be.

The “Does This Hold Up?” podcast by PCF sponsor Epicast Network is a comedy show about movies, where hosts TJ and Jamie take an old movie, make fun of it and find out if it still holds up. And PCF 2016 will feature a special live recording, featuring special guest and stand-up headliner, Quincy Jones!

Listen to their most recent episode below, on The Wicker Man  a 2006 movie where Nicolas Cage wears a bear suit.

PCF is Non-Profit, Volunteer-Run

Do you like supporting creative people who just want Pittsburgh to laugh as much as possible? If so, then seeing PCF shows and workshops will help us continue doing our thing!

PCF is a non-profit, volunteer-run event organized by Comedy Arts Pittsburgh, an arts organization founded to elevate the profile of comedy as a performing art in Pittsburgh and to raise Pittsburgh’s profile nationally.



You’re an Evil Demon

Finally, if you’re an evil demon looking for an opportunity to capture unsuspecting souls, you’re welcome at PCF, too! There totally isn’t an all-powerful angel of morality living beneath the stage of the Henry Heymann Theatre, so no need to worry about that, okay?

See the full PCF 2016 schedule and reserve your spot today!

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