Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Tickets, According to a Business Analyst


I can be a real procrastinator. I wait to do laundry until the last sock has been worn both inside out and outside in. I regularly take my trash out at about 11:30 at night (and sometimes 7 in the morning before the truck comes the next day).

But never will I wait until the last minute to buy my #PCF tickets. Not after Nick, business analyst by day, PCF Exec staff member by night, showed us the light. Nick handles all our data, analytics, spreadsheets, algorithms, and other math class words so that English major types like me don’t have to. So when Nick gives the side eye at something involving money, you clutch your wallet close and listen.

“It’s just more economical,” says Nick. “If you took the money you saved from buying your tickets online and invested in a low risk index fund, you could buy two tickets to the 2064 Pittsburgh Comedy Festival / Robot Expo.”

But if you’re looking for reasons that might impact your more immediate future, Nick has these to share:

  • When you buy in advance, you’re up for sweet discounts that don’t exist at the door.
  • To create an intimate atmosphere, we put PCF up in a small theater. Great for ambiance, but tickets go fast!
  • Instead of waiting in a box office line, folks with pre-bought tickets can hop in line to get a better seat in our general admission auditorium.
  • Pay What You Can workshops and shows are available online! Don’t know what that means? Check it out!

Long story short, you have up until one hour before the show to get your tickets online. Don’t miss out on deals, bundles, and more! Want an even better breakdown? Business analyst Nick made a spreadsheet:


Workshops Online In-person
Community Workshops Saturday 8/27 – 10:00AM – Family Friendly Improv (Special Needs Inclusive)

Sunday 8/28 – 9:00AM – Show up & Speak Up – An Applied Improv Workshop

Sunday 8/28 – 1:00PM – Pittsburgh Improv Crashcourse

Pay What You Can $30 (if available)
Skills Workshops Saturday 8/27 – 9:30AM – SPECIFICS: Broadening Relationship and Location

Saturday 8/27 – 12:00PM – In the Beginning…Initiation and Using the First Minute for a Better Whole

Saturday 8/27 – 12:00PM – Jump on the Bomb

Saturday 8/27 – 2:30PM – Make Short Form Your Form

Saturday 8/27 – 2:30PM – Evolutionary Improv

$30 $30 (if available)
Shows Online In-person

Primetime Shows

Friday 8/26 – 6:30PM – Improv Appetizer

Friday 8/26 – 11:30PM – Midnight Stand-Up Show

Saturday 8/27 – 5:00PM – Early Bird Improv Special

Saturday 8/27 – 6:30PM – Stand-Up Explosion

Pay What You Can $7 (if available)
Live Podcasts Does This Hold Up? Live Podcast $10 $10 (if available)
Kids Comedy Cabaret Saturday 8/27 – 1PM – Kids Comedy Cabaret $10 (5$ off with coupon code KidsPCF) $10 (if available)
Primetime Headliner Shows Thursday 8/25 – 8:00PM – Quincy Jones

Friday 8/26 – 8:00PM – Quincy Jones

Friday 8/26 – 10:00PM – Sheldon

Saturday 8/27 – 8:00PM – Sheldon

$20 $25 (if available)

Headliner, Primetime Shows

Thursday 8/25 – 10:00PM – Friendly Neighborhood Improv Show

Saturday 8/27 – 10:00PM – #PghIsFunny Show

$10 $15 (if available)
Bundles (Day passes and special packages) Bundles As shown online Not available!

Nab tickets now, and we’ll see you this weekend at PCF!

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