5 Life Lessons From Improv

If you’re not familiar with the “rules” of improv, I’ll summarize by saying that at it’s core, improv is not about making people laugh – it’s about supporting your scene partner, listening carefully and being patient to see where collaborative imagination takes you. Improv is about being brave and vulnerable […]

Burning Bridges Comedy Festival Q&A with John Dick Winters

The inaugural Burning Bridges Comedy Festival kicks off this weekend (April 15-16) in Pittsburgh’s Allentown and South Side neighborhoods. Founded by local comedians Jesse Irvin and John Dick Winters of Race to the Coffin Comedy, BBF brings to our city’s southern parts an eclectic blend of stand-up acts and bit shows […]

Discovering the Pittsburgh Comedy Scene…in Reaction GIFs

In recent years, the Pittsburgh comedy scene has blossomed into a dynamic, positive community of performers, students, teachers and fans. Thanks to the hard work, dedication and general hilarity of so many Yinzers, comedy in our fair city today is about more than just a Saturday night ticket to see […]