Submit a Standup Act

  • Submit your stand-up act by Sunday, May 27, 2018 with a $20 submission fee for a chance to be a part of the 5th annual Pittsburgh Comedy Festival. Festival acts will be selected by early July. This year's festival runs August 22-26, 2018 at our two new locations, City Theatre and Club Cafe!

    PCF pulls together line-ups that celebrate the breadth of styles and voices* in the stand-up community. Here’s what to keep in mind when submitting:

    • Sets approximately 10-15 minutes long.
    • We love stand-ups with fresh perspectives, original ideas, and who bring their unique personality to the stage.
    • As with all our programming, your set's content should respect the diversity of both our audience and performers, and be concurrent with the inclusive spirit of our festival.

    If you have any questions about the submissions or selection process, or any of the above info, please let us know. Good luck!

  • Only if different from contact name.
  • Only if different from contact email.
  • Please provide video of a 5-10 minute set with no editing. (If it's from a TV broadcast, editing is okay.)
  • Minimum resolution of 300x300 pixels. Logos and graphics are fine.
  • Minimum resolution of 600x600 pixels. No logos or graphics. This photo is optional, but increases your chances of being featured in the press.
  • Please tell us briefly about your stand-up act and your stage experience; Include any credits, accolades or clubs you've worked at. This will not be shared, but is simply for the PCF staff to consider your submission.
  • Please keep this to 250 words or 1000 characters. This will be published on the website, and possibly shared in other marketing materials.
  • Deselect any dates for which you are not available.
  • Would you like to receive general email updates from PCF?
  • (When you press submit, you will be sent to PayPal to pay your submission fee.)
*One of the goals of the PCF Executive Committee is to advance PCF’s Diversity and Inclusion mission by including performers who represent historically marginalized identities, specifically women and non-binary people, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, people with physical, emotional or cognitive disabilities, people over 40 years of age.