Visiting Pittsburgh

Tourist fun in the burgh!

Check out some Pittsburgh tourist faves while you’re in town for the festival!
The Pittsburgh Incline– arguably the best view of Pittsburgh is from a funny little train on the side of a hill that’s propped up by a triangle and runs on a track. Truly this experience is unique to the Burgh and you really have to try it to understand it.
Pittsburgh Pirates PNC Park

Arguably one of the best views in Pittsburgh is from the seats of PNC Park,

whether you love baseball, or just want to eat a hot dog and take in some gorgeous views, PNC park is certainly worth a visit


Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History- CMOA and CMNH art and history in one place on one ticket! CMNH is home to the largest collection of Jurassic dinosaur bones in the world in their exhibit Dinosaurs in their time. The Natural History exhibits have around 10,000 specimens on view at any given time. CMOA Departments include Fine Arts (Contemporary Art, Works on Paper), Decorative Arts, Architecture, and Photography. Personal faves include a Monet Water Lillies, Teenie Harris Exhibit, and a boss collection of Furniture throughout time.
National Aviary That’s right I said National! Pittsburgh is home to America’s only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated to birds. Come for the birds, stay for the penguins, and hey did I mention SLOTHs? that’s right multiple! 
Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium – another awesome attraction and two for one location is the Zoo and Aquarium, 1 ticket, all of the wonders of the outdoors. Located in Highland Park, the Zoo is an awesome way to spend a sunny afternoon in the Burgh!

Check out the local theaters

Wanna see even MORE comedy while you’re in town?